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You can create news articles -only one for radio station-, and adding the line of station like this Example.

General rules

  • 1.The language used is that of the station, except labels to form the xml.
  • 2.The logo of the station is always added on this wiki.
  • 4.You can't add logos with copyright. You should upload your self images, free images, or images from Wikipedia project.

Add Station

To add a radio station you can take the following steps:

  • Upload the logo of the station here (png, gif, jpg or jpeg). This should have a size of 150x150 pixels, and should be flat image -whitout alpha channel-.
  • For each radio station, a new page is created, which can be several data entries. The easiest way is to search for the station in the wiki -up to right. If not, a red clicking link appears. The result is a blank page with the note that the article does not currently exist.


First copy the source of this page, paste it where you are creating and modify all content using data from the new station. Remember to use the preferred language of the station except the labels and categories.

URLs reproduction lists .pls and .m3u

Playlists are plain text files -here more information-.

The easiest way to find the audio source is to download the file with wget and open it with gedit:

  gedit 64k.m3u

When opened we see audio address http:// that can end with or without the extension .mp3 .ogg. To check that this is audio and is in the proper format most practical is to open the link from Firefox. If your Web browser plays have the certainty that the audio is compatible with Ubuntu.

  # EXTM3U
  #EXTINF: -1, Radio Lublin